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Carla Marie Salak, rider/trainer



Having been in the saddle for over 22 years,

Carla has accumulated experience with

several breeds at all levels of training.  She

has successfully brought over 50 horses from

training to the competition ring.  She welcomes

horses of all ages and breeds into her training

program, and has a special affinity towards

riding stallions.

Her training includes extensive education in

the Danish Berider program with an

international show record as well as 

hestepasser (horse management) degree.

Her resume in the United States includes

working and riding for several renowned

Olympic medalists, as well as starting and

training young horses for breeders.

Carla's lifelong passion for the sport of

dressage has lead her to opening her own

facility in the heart of Wellington, Florida, where she actively trains year round. She has been developing her own personal horse, the 9 year old Dutch stallion Gambler, that she is looking very forward to debuting in the FEI ring in the upcoming season. 

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